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Significance of Centralized Cross-Participation Verification In Clinical Research

Fair subject recruitment is now more important than ever with the advent of numerous new CROs and study centres while having the same pool of volunteers. Therefore, it is required to have integrated, Centralized, robust, zero error, countrywide Human Volunteers Eligibility and Cross Participation Tracking to be followed.


It is mandatory to block those subjects who have participated in the study in order to avoid any possible chances of excessive blood loss and to complete the washout of the drug. This will make volunteers wait for a stipulated time between two such participations.


So, if the same volunteer applies at any other CRO will be tested on this platform and if his/her re-participation is not satisfying the participation criteria, he/she will be disallowed from participating.

Such a system would be a bulwark against any attempt to re-participate in the study sooner than specified due to some financial or other benefits. Frequent participation can create health hazards for the volunteers.

A severe drug cross reaction may not only be harmful to the subjects and make the relationship between drug and adverse event analysis difficult but also affect the study outcome. Thus, there should be a common platform to check the cross participation of volunteers.